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I demand more rant! [16 Oct 2008|10:30pm]

Here's a rant for you..

why should I remain a member of this community! I demand more ranting! and possibly Raving!.. but that's optional..
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College.... a rant on the slacker college student.... [22 Mar 2005|02:08pm]

I dont know about some of the older folks here, but when did going to school and taking 12-15 credit hours become all that someone does? That sounds sorta like a vacation to me if that was all that that was going on in my life.

When I was in school I worked 30-35 hrs for all 5 yrs I was in college, and took at least 12 credit hours each semester, I paid for all my rent and utilities, and anything else that I needed to do, yet I see all kinds of college students whining about "how much studying" they have to do when ALL they are doing is going to school? I mean that is ALL they are doing, just going to school and studying!! I find it ODD that their classmates can work bunches of hours and still get their papers done and get good grades on their tests, yet somehow these people bitch and moan on how much studying they have to do etc... shit.. if I had had an extra 40 HOURS EVERY SINGLE WEEK to to do whatever, I'd be DAMN sure to get fucking STRAIGHT A's and not complain one damn bit... but I digress...

That is ok, this same group of slackers has a 'cement boot to the face' waiting for them once they graduate and get a job and are forced to learn what REAL work is all about.... slackers....

/rant_mode -off

- undave
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So there I was this weekend [10 Jan 2005|12:37pm]

out and about doing errands... and lo and behold I notice our nation's flag lowered to half-mast. WTF? Who died? Did we lose a president an I just missed it due to mommidom? Oh wait, not so lucky - although I can be thankful Cheany isn't in charge, right?

So what gets my dander up so much about this seeminly innocuous occurance? The continued TRIVIALIZATION of this gesture. Yes the tsunami was bad - but it was a natural disaster. It affected our nation - HOW? Did those poor people in FL get such regard after the onslaught of 4 hurricanes last season? uh, wait.... I don't think so.

Up next: the new rule that when any American citizen dies, we are allowed to fly the flag at half mast. There, that should make everyone feel better :) and keep us bunch of lazy fucks from EVER having to raise the flag full staff ever again :)

PS, this is an old rant of mine, summed up much better right here (as far as legal techicalities etc are cited):
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Holy Frick [09 Dec 2004|03:57pm]

[ mood | angry ]

Holy Frick

I found a place in Tampa run by some Main exports that do a lobster dinners like I'm used to. They advertise as "moderately" priced.

So I call up and ask the price for a 3lb lobster (tiny little bugger) and I can't believe this the guy tells me that it's $15 per pound! $15 PER FREAKING POUND PEOPLE! That's insane! I can't get my brain around this. These are lobsters, they are basically big over grown aquatic roaches. At home you get a 3 lb for $15 stoopid air plane riding lobsters! I haven't had one in MONTHS! Now I know to most people this is whiny when alot of my friends have never had real lobster before. And no FL lobsters are not real lobsters. They are mutant freaks who scare me and small children all over the state. I don't care what people say those things aren't edible they are scary. They don't even have claws! Claws are the best part 'cause they're tasty and you can make whistles out of them they're really nifty.

And what's worse is the guy who answered the phone was totally ok with telling me that for two 3lb lobster dinners I would have to give him $90! WTF!!!!! That's freaking insane you have NO IDEA what that mark up is. Stoopid crappy people ripping people off who only want to eat normal food that reminds them of home at a super bad time of year.


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[15 Oct 2004|12:50pm]

A good point from Herr Slingchrist;

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Colors [18 Sep 2004|11:24am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

I want to ask a question

What is this below color called :

What is this below color called :

Ok, which of these colors have you seen as someone's hair color naturally? #1 right? well then WHY THE FUCK IS THAT COLOR HAIR CALLED RED???

I have purchased 2 different hair dying kits called RED, both of which look like #2 on the box, but dye my hair FUCKING ORANGE... I am SOOO pissed. If you have ORANGE HAIR you do NOT have RED HAIR, you have ORANGE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!

::: sigh ::::

I swear, I want RED HAIR, not ORANGE HAIR... if you are a fucker with ORANGE HAIR naturally you better not call youreslf a RED HEAD or I will beat you within an inch of your life...

but I digress....

If anyone knows where I can find a PERMENANT RED HAIR DYE please let me know.

- undave

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i hate florida [16 Aug 2004|02:31pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

shut up...anybody who remotely likes florida just--please--go away.
i am ranting which means i care NOTHING for your input.
I hate florida.
i hate the 9,000 types of bugs and creeping crawling insectoid fuckers that live here--and i hate the motherfuckers who oh-so politely explain WHAT kind of beetle or roach i just smashed...
and i hate the flatness. i am living on a giant swampy pancake over run by inbred fuckheads from lower north podunk who's momma and uncle are auntie and grandpa, too.
trucks. why do you need a truck? here? why not just get a hovercraft?
do you redneck pissants have penises so miniscule that the only compensation your three brain cells can come up with is to own the biggest ugliest 4 wheel drive behemoth you can? Or is it the only way you can haul your wife's large ass over to her momma's on sundays before YA'LL git to church?
nonono--these are rhetorical questions. please don't answer.
I hate long flat straight roads without lights...miles of asphault winding out like a gray ribbon from hell...or to hell.
palmetto bugs, palmetto trees?
can't one of them get their own name?
back to those 3 brain cells.
i hate plastic pink flamingoes, the university of florida logo, this town and everything that even REMINDS me of it.
I was happy standing in the ocean yesterday. thought that odd because i was in florida....then i realized that i wasn't in florida when i am in the ocean.
a technicality, yes....but i cling to what little escape i may have.
driving back i was behind an SUV with a big ol' fluridoh gators logo on him's spare tire cover (the one on the vehicle--although i am quite sure he could have used it for the spare tire on his torso toooo.)
and i wanted to cry.
i wanted to stop the car.
i did not want to return here.
when i got back i looked at the front of my little white car...and lo and behold--at least a few hundred of those bugs were plastered to the front.
this made me feel somewhat happy also.
nope--no point...just spewing.
hates the nasty florida....hates it!

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style.. [03 Aug 2004|09:28am]

(warning: not spell checked or proof read..)

Went to the Van's Warped Tour sunday.. it was very cool.. I liked it.. good music.. good company.. I actually managed to drink 3 whole beers... it was good times..
and there were _many_ people at the the Warped Tour that this doesn't even remotely apply to.. don't get me wrong here..

But here's a little special something for you..

Punk _IS_ dead

.. sorry ladies.. it is..
not the musical style mind you.. just seems the punk lifestyle took a turn for the deadzone..

As proof: Can anyone explain to me this?

I'm failing to see how 'get the hookup', 'register now!', and 'punk up your phone' are punk attitiudes?

This stuff seems aimed at teenie-bopping middle-schoolers with cell phones, that are taking a break from listen to britney spears and rediditions of 'Genie in a bottle'?

What happened to fuck the system, don't comform, down with corporate amerikkka, and be your own person?

I guess I'm still trapped in the 80s where you would _never_ see a scrappy looking individual with liberty spikes 'signing up for text alerts' on his / her cell phone... it would just be unheard of (and not just because they didn't have 'text alert' cell phones then)..

so.. goth-punk & hot topic..
Ok.. like everyone else that's cool.. I have a problem with hot topic.. appearently it's kinda fad to have a problem with it now.. (I'll relate these in a bit)

The sad thing is there is actually one thing I want that they sell at Hot Topic.. Bone Daddy colonge.. it's actually a odor I can tolerate (which is actually kinda rare with perfumes).. but I've gone 28 years (almost) without it.. I'll tolerate another 28 or so..

On one hand.. cool that it's now kinda convientent to get stuff that you want.. it's nice that you can find wacky things like spooky accessories outside of October.

on the other hand.. back in the day, you could take pride that you had certain clothing.. it either meant you spent HOURS or DAYS rummaging through yard sales, thrift stores, goodwills..etc.. OR it meant that you were creative enough to make it yourself.. or possiblly that you waited until helloweenie to buy that thing you needed...

Now you can just go buy your style off a rack... and not just any rack like a small boutique off university that specializes..
No.. you can goto the MALL.. that bastion of consumerism.. that point of conformity that punks and goth-punk swore they would stave off with thier very lives..

A couple months ago I was wearing my 'Bone Daddy' (as in nightmare before xmas) shirt.. and some kid in publix stopped me and was like 'nice shirt.. hot topic right?'.. I almost punched him.. (ok.. not really).. I was like 'uhh.. no thankyouverymuch.. online'..
( I pride myself on my tshirt collection.... I felt alittle cheapened )

Point being.. there isn't one.. this is a rant.. on a rant community..

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God damned fuckheads [26 Jul 2004|11:32am]

I had a lady calls me yesterday with a modem from 1999. Now modems from 1999 are not inherently bad, but they likely should have been updated with new drivers since then however. Anyways, the fucking cunt is Meredith Carson, and she calls me up yesterday, tells me that she has a HP with a Rockwell modem from 1999 and she is having problems connecting. I finally have to tell her after 30min that her only options she has is to either update her modem or to get a new one. I inform her of where to go and of where to update the modem at. Now today she calls back, and says the exact same shit that she did yesterday. Luckily I remember who she is, usually I just recycle such useless drivel from fuckheaded asswhipes, but in this instance I happened to remember a fragment of 2 of information just enough to realize that she is the same lady I talked to yesterday.

So, I ask her if she did what I told her to yesterday, and she says "well, nooo..." ... at this point I am kinda getting annoyed at her pointless drivel and just assume plunge a screwdriver into her skull as talk to her.... I mean I JUST told her what to try yesterday, but she ignored me like I was joking... I should have said "YOUR RIGHT BITCH!!! YESTERDAY WAS ONE LARGE JOKE!!! I WAS JUST KIDDING WITH THE 30 MIN CONVERSATION WE HAD YESTERDAY, LET ME TELL YOU THE REAL INFORMATION...." but instead I told her AGAIN to goto the modem maker's website to update the drivers for the modem and I slammed the phone down on her fucking ignorant bitch fucked whore self.

God damn I hate these idiots, I am going to seriously consider making personal visits to people on my time off, "I have a solution ma'am, I'll be over there in 15-20 to solve you AND your problems, you wont have anything to worry about once I get there, everything will be a-ok."..... i.e. screwdriver through the temple makes customers OK.


p.s. If you are a fucking moron, and cannot follow directions, perhaps work on the MORON part and INABILITY TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS before you continue with most things in your life.
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yeah [18 Jul 2004|08:50pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Santa Claus Releases “Naughty and Nice” List
Rated 3.5 out of 5 (from 2 ratings)Rated 3.5 out of 5 (from 2 ratings)Rated 3.5 out of 5 (from 2 ratings)Rated 3.5 out of 5 (from 2 ratings)Rated 3.5 out of 5 (from 2 ratings) Written by Woodpile

"... this is a blatant attempt at swaying public opinion before the elections.”
Early this morning, and months before its scheduled release date, Father Christmas today surprised the world with an early release of his list of ‘who’s been naughty and who’s been nice’. The list, a virtual who’s who in world politics and business, and is sure to have major repercussions in the United States in the days leading up to the Presidential elections on November 2.

On the naughty side, several members of the Bush administration did not escape criticism by old St. Nick. From George to Rumsfeld, to Dick and Condi, Santa released findings of misleading, torture, self-interest and arrogance. The 3000-page compilation, which is commissioned and collected by the United Elves and Reindeer Local 32, also found fault with Prime Minister Tony Blair for showing “puppet-like” tendencies. The list also finds fault with Presidential hopeful John Kerry for having the power to change things, but not the backbone.

“This is partisan politics from someone who shouldn’t be involved.” White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was quoted as saying. “Because Santa decided to release his study months early, this is a blatant attempt at swaying public opinion before the elections.” McClellan, when told that Kerry had also made the naughty list replied that, “that is no excuse for the timing and Attorney General Ashcroft will immediately begin an investigation into the finances of the Jolly One, and also look into some questionable labor practices.”

Santa Claus held a press conference at his North Pole headquarters in which he replied to these allegations as, “…a spiteful attempt to discredit my good name and turn public opinion against me.” He went on to say that, “My job is the same no matter who rules which country. McClellan had better watch his tongue lest he find a lump of coal under his tree this year! I don’t respond to threats and unfounded accusations, and there is ample time to amend this list if I see fit Scott.”

The much anticipated, multi-national and multi lingual list, is seen as a popular tool in law enforcement, and in years past has shed light on government cover-ups and covert operations. Santa has been credited with breaking the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of former President Richard Nixon. ENRON, WorldCom, and TYCO were also mentioned in previous lists and have been the subject of much discussion around coal dust covered Christmas trees all over the world.

Some notable names to grace the “nice” list are, former President Jimmy Carter for his work with Habitat for Humanity, actor Richard Gere for his tireless work with AIDS, and Kenny Renzor who invented the “beer hat”.

“Our office has an obligation to the world to release these findings without prejudice or conviction.” Said chief of Elf Staff, Wally “Shortcake” Henderson. “You can’t please all of the people all of the time. We will, through out the rest of the year, make the necessary changes from naughty to nice and back, and we want to say to those out there who are not very nice, ‘we see you and you are going to be very sad on Christmas morning!”

moe--is wally like your cousin or something?

*article snagged from witchvox; www.witchvox.com*

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BBQ Sunday 2pm (July 4th) - undave's pad - [02 Jul 2004|07:46pm]

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Art.... or something like it. [17 Jun 2004|03:01pm]


There is a lot of talk about the concept of Art, and artistry, and what it is to be an artist.

Read more...Collapse )

- undave
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sillyman Reagan [09 Jun 2004|12:42am]

A reply I posted about the old fart dying....
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Fool You 2004 [03 Jun 2004|12:01pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

As most of your know, there is an election coming up and yet again, the Axis powers of the DemocratRepublican party will again secure themselves victory. Yeah yeah, some asspirates out there might be thinking that putting a dot of whipped-cream(D) on the top of a sundae instead of a cherry(R) makes huge difference, but anyone without their head up there ass realizes that it doesn’t do a god damned thing.

So I have to start out by saying that if I hear that anyone that I know votes the Bush/Kerry ticket, that I am going to PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE!! Now I am not going to be doing this out of hate, or spite, but moreso because obviously you are the same type of person that allowed 1940's Germany to occur and the same morons that keep a bunch of elite good-olboy white folk in power every single year, i.e. you are bad people. FYI just cause someone has been convinced that they have a choice, doesn’t mean they REALLY have any choice, let alone CONTROL… maybe they didn't see parts 1&2 of The Matrix? who knows., but just because one doesnt have any real control doesnt mean that they have to support really REALLY evil and bad people, I mean how bad does it have to get? HOW BAD DOES IT HAVE TO GET BEFORE PEOPLE WILL REALIZE THAT A VOTE FOR A MORON IS STILL A VOTE FOR A FUCKING MORON??????? but I digress….

.... the sad part about all of this is, is that with the mentality of the slack ass shitmongers in this country, you could run a Hilter/Mussolini ticket and people would STILL vote one of them in....

Now I am sure there are a few lame ass fuckers out there that are thinking this  “Well, there is really not much else that we can do… you have to vote for someone.”…. and to that I say  How can voting for an asshole prick motherfucker EVER be considered the ‘right’ thing to do?? But then again, the same people that will vote the Bush/Kerry ticket are the same people that will let their neighbors kid get sexually abused right under there nose, are the same type of people that watch someone break into a car down the road and do nothing, and are the same kind of people that if you ask to lift the slightest finger to assist the community around them they look at you as if you are a Russian communist… again, I digress.

Ask people who are their state’s senators? Ask them what their reps have they been voting on recently? Ask them what they think about these issues?
Ask people who their Congressional house rep is? What did these people vote on last? Ask them what they think about these issues?

Better yet 
Ask people who are the people in their state’s legislature? Or who sits on their local city council? Ask what these people have been up to, what they have been voting on. Ask people who is the mayor of their town? Ask people about what they think about issues in their community?

I am not saying that I know the answers to all of these questions either, but at least I don’t pretend to think that making 1 little decision every 4 yrs really makes a difference… especially when it happens to be for assholes like the 2 main fuckers that most people seem to vote for every year….

Simply put  A vote someone means you support :
ALL of their issues
ALL of their ideas, and
ALL of their agenda.
You then become the reason all of the things they are doing exist,
and the reason for all of the things wrong with the decisions they make.
Choose wisely.

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Better parenting through Chemistry. [18 May 2004|07:59am]

Rant on.
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link to a reply in a Slingchrist entry [11 May 2004|01:31pm]


A good rant about how fucking idiots love to point out how bad XYZ is when it is they who vote for reps that create XYZ every year.
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pathetic.... [26 Apr 2004|05:18am]

[ mood | sad ]

Hearing people engaging in sexual activities profoundly disturbs me, sorta like dogs on your front lawn that are humping, or watching some National Geographic special on that mating rituals of the native mountain lion… I swear, most people are just animals, filthy dirty disgusting animals.... That IS what so many people are, nothing more than animals engaging in mimicked activities of procreation..... some are a lot like that, and some are not, and some, the few, even learn to grow beyond such jejune ideas and live a different type of life, so to you people, I tip my hat, for you are of a higher evolution than most you live among.

So many spend so much of there time at such pointless activities though, and these same people say drugs are bad, or that drinking is bad, but yet they risk the possibilities of birth over and over again with little to no thought. And as I have seen in some friends in my life, when pregnancy actually happens, it is tragedy, and terrible... like they didn’t realize what the hell they were doing. What the hell is wrong with people? Putting piece A into piece B to get piece C is about a 5yr old’s level of thought complexity, yet people somehow are surprised when that actually happens???? wow….. that’s good people… I bet these are the same people with maxed credits cards and overdrawn bank accounts cause of that tuff 3rd grade math…..

Well shit, I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised though, really, I mean if personX sat around playing with legos and drawing with crayons all day (other examples of other a 5yr old’s level of complexity) I probably wouldn’t blame personX for getting someone pregnant either, or for pursuing such activates all the time, I mean personX is obviously not too bright and probably has a 2 digit IQ.

How I see it though is as a ridiculous tragedy. Its just plain sad that I know so many people like this, so many people close to me that follow this simple little animalistic brain-dead instinct over and over and over again, and I consider some of these peps the best of the bunch…..

For me though, its pathetic, a joke, and downright humiliating to think that I am considered the same species as some of these people…. … Can I apply for speciesship with some asexual flowers or something? Or perhaps some aliens around somewhere that will let me join up with them?..... But the problem is, is that I have no choice, everyone seems to be playing HUMAN rather well all the time… and it’s pitiful. “Lets put piece A into slot B tonight” lovely, simple… and pathetic…. I mean if you are going to be playing the “Piece A/Slot B” game so often, at least break out the legos from time to time, or perhaps draw on some paper with crayons…. Or hell, I’d even accept eating some dirt, cause when you’re studying the “Piece A/Slot B” game, “eating dirt” is only one kindergarden classroom away.

- UN

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Baby's are bad, and here may be why ( this is pretty damn funny!!! ) [20 Jan 2004|11:08am]

[ mood | amused ]


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Maddox [20 Jan 2004|11:08am]

[ mood | amused ]

This is a good site if anyone wants to read about some good old fashioned bitching from someone who knows how to write and who is damn funny :o)


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Imbeciles [16 Jul 2003|02:29pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I hate waiting in line behind a group of friends at McDonalds, who spend their time talking to each other and when they finally are the next customers, they have to take a few minutes to look at McDonald's menu to figure out what the hell they want.

Item #1. It's FUCKING MCDONALD's! I'm pretty sure the menu is the same at every other freakin McDonald's in the universe. I'm also pretty sure the menu doesn't change too often. Why must you think about the menu? My God man! I'm pretty sure I already know what I'm gonna order the next 12 million times I go to McDonald's!

Item #2. See Item #1, it's pretty self explanitory.

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