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Hearing people engaging in sexual activities profoundly disturbs me, sorta like dogs on your front lawn that are humping, or watching some National Geographic special on that mating rituals of the native mountain lion… I swear, most people are just animals, filthy dirty disgusting animals.... That IS what so many people are, nothing more than animals engaging in mimicked activities of procreation..... some are a lot like that, and some are not, and some, the few, even learn to grow beyond such jejune ideas and live a different type of life, so to you people, I tip my hat, for you are of a higher evolution than most you live among.

So many spend so much of there time at such pointless activities though, and these same people say drugs are bad, or that drinking is bad, but yet they risk the possibilities of birth over and over again with little to no thought. And as I have seen in some friends in my life, when pregnancy actually happens, it is tragedy, and terrible... like they didn’t realize what the hell they were doing. What the hell is wrong with people? Putting piece A into piece B to get piece C is about a 5yr old’s level of thought complexity, yet people somehow are surprised when that actually happens???? wow….. that’s good people… I bet these are the same people with maxed credits cards and overdrawn bank accounts cause of that tuff 3rd grade math…..

Well shit, I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised though, really, I mean if personX sat around playing with legos and drawing with crayons all day (other examples of other a 5yr old’s level of complexity) I probably wouldn’t blame personX for getting someone pregnant either, or for pursuing such activates all the time, I mean personX is obviously not too bright and probably has a 2 digit IQ.

How I see it though is as a ridiculous tragedy. Its just plain sad that I know so many people like this, so many people close to me that follow this simple little animalistic brain-dead instinct over and over and over again, and I consider some of these peps the best of the bunch…..

For me though, its pathetic, a joke, and downright humiliating to think that I am considered the same species as some of these people…. … Can I apply for speciesship with some asexual flowers or something? Or perhaps some aliens around somewhere that will let me join up with them?..... But the problem is, is that I have no choice, everyone seems to be playing HUMAN rather well all the time… and it’s pitiful. “Lets put piece A into slot B tonight” lovely, simple… and pathetic…. I mean if you are going to be playing the “Piece A/Slot B” game so often, at least break out the legos from time to time, or perhaps draw on some paper with crayons…. Or hell, I’d even accept eating some dirt, cause when you’re studying the “Piece A/Slot B” game, “eating dirt” is only one kindergarden classroom away.

- UN
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