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Fool You 2004

As most of your know, there is an election coming up and yet again, the Axis powers of the DemocratRepublican party will again secure themselves victory. Yeah yeah, some asspirates out there might be thinking that putting a dot of whipped-cream(D) on the top of a sundae instead of a cherry(R) makes huge difference, but anyone without their head up there ass realizes that it doesn’t do a god damned thing.

So I have to start out by saying that if I hear that anyone that I know votes the Bush/Kerry ticket, that I am going to PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE!! Now I am not going to be doing this out of hate, or spite, but moreso because obviously you are the same type of person that allowed 1940's Germany to occur and the same morons that keep a bunch of elite good-olboy white folk in power every single year, i.e. you are bad people. FYI just cause someone has been convinced that they have a choice, doesn’t mean they REALLY have any choice, let alone CONTROL… maybe they didn't see parts 1&2 of The Matrix? who knows., but just because one doesnt have any real control doesnt mean that they have to support really REALLY evil and bad people, I mean how bad does it have to get? HOW BAD DOES IT HAVE TO GET BEFORE PEOPLE WILL REALIZE THAT A VOTE FOR A MORON IS STILL A VOTE FOR A FUCKING MORON??????? but I digress….

.... the sad part about all of this is, is that with the mentality of the slack ass shitmongers in this country, you could run a Hilter/Mussolini ticket and people would STILL vote one of them in....

Now I am sure there are a few lame ass fuckers out there that are thinking this  “Well, there is really not much else that we can do… you have to vote for someone.”…. and to that I say  How can voting for an asshole prick motherfucker EVER be considered the ‘right’ thing to do?? But then again, the same people that will vote the Bush/Kerry ticket are the same people that will let their neighbors kid get sexually abused right under there nose, are the same type of people that watch someone break into a car down the road and do nothing, and are the same kind of people that if you ask to lift the slightest finger to assist the community around them they look at you as if you are a Russian communist… again, I digress.

Ask people who are their state’s senators? Ask them what their reps have they been voting on recently? Ask them what they think about these issues?
Ask people who their Congressional house rep is? What did these people vote on last? Ask them what they think about these issues?

Better yet 
Ask people who are the people in their state’s legislature? Or who sits on their local city council? Ask what these people have been up to, what they have been voting on. Ask people who is the mayor of their town? Ask people about what they think about issues in their community?

I am not saying that I know the answers to all of these questions either, but at least I don’t pretend to think that making 1 little decision every 4 yrs really makes a difference… especially when it happens to be for assholes like the 2 main fuckers that most people seem to vote for every year….

Simply put  A vote someone means you support :
ALL of their issues
ALL of their ideas, and
ALL of their agenda.
You then become the reason all of the things they are doing exist,
and the reason for all of the things wrong with the decisions they make.
Choose wisely.
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Honestly man.. I disagreed with your reasonings initially, but I realized that we are pretty similar in thoughts here..

I think part of realizing what you are talking about is realizing that pretty much any party you vote for does the same kinda things..

I know people that think that the Republicans are all about censorship.. whereby if I recall correctly, a certain Tipper Gore created the whole record label thing.. (which I will point out.. probably drew more people I knew at the time TOWARDS those labeled albums then away from them...)

I dunno.. the world is a funny place when you think about it.. mostly because everything is pretty much a practical joke on everyone else.

I guess I needa get registered to vote already..