Dave (spiritbine) wrote in therant,

God damned fuckheads

I had a lady calls me yesterday with a modem from 1999. Now modems from 1999 are not inherently bad, but they likely should have been updated with new drivers since then however. Anyways, the fucking cunt is Meredith Carson, and she calls me up yesterday, tells me that she has a HP with a Rockwell modem from 1999 and she is having problems connecting. I finally have to tell her after 30min that her only options she has is to either update her modem or to get a new one. I inform her of where to go and of where to update the modem at. Now today she calls back, and says the exact same shit that she did yesterday. Luckily I remember who she is, usually I just recycle such useless drivel from fuckheaded asswhipes, but in this instance I happened to remember a fragment of 2 of information just enough to realize that she is the same lady I talked to yesterday.

So, I ask her if she did what I told her to yesterday, and she says "well, nooo..." ... at this point I am kinda getting annoyed at her pointless drivel and just assume plunge a screwdriver into her skull as talk to her.... I mean I JUST told her what to try yesterday, but she ignored me like I was joking... I should have said "YOUR RIGHT BITCH!!! YESTERDAY WAS ONE LARGE JOKE!!! I WAS JUST KIDDING WITH THE 30 MIN CONVERSATION WE HAD YESTERDAY, LET ME TELL YOU THE REAL INFORMATION...." but instead I told her AGAIN to goto the modem maker's website to update the drivers for the modem and I slammed the phone down on her fucking ignorant bitch fucked whore self.

God damn I hate these idiots, I am going to seriously consider making personal visits to people on my time off, "I have a solution ma'am, I'll be over there in 15-20 to solve you AND your problems, you wont have anything to worry about once I get there, everything will be a-ok."..... i.e. screwdriver through the temple makes customers OK.


p.s. If you are a fucking moron, and cannot follow directions, perhaps work on the MORON part and INABILITY TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS before you continue with most things in your life.
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