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I want to ask a question

What is this below color called :

What is this below color called :

Ok, which of these colors have you seen as someone's hair color naturally? #1 right? well then WHY THE FUCK IS THAT COLOR HAIR CALLED RED???

I have purchased 2 different hair dying kits called RED, both of which look like #2 on the box, but dye my hair FUCKING ORANGE... I am SOOO pissed. If you have ORANGE HAIR you do NOT have RED HAIR, you have ORANGE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!

::: sigh ::::

I swear, I want RED HAIR, not ORANGE HAIR... if you are a fucker with ORANGE HAIR naturally you better not call youreslf a RED HEAD or I will beat you within an inch of your life...

but I digress....

If anyone knows where I can find a PERMENANT RED HAIR DYE please let me know.

- undave
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