punkrockgirl (prg) wrote in therant,

So there I was this weekend

out and about doing errands... and lo and behold I notice our nation's flag lowered to half-mast. WTF? Who died? Did we lose a president an I just missed it due to mommidom? Oh wait, not so lucky - although I can be thankful Cheany isn't in charge, right?

So what gets my dander up so much about this seeminly innocuous occurance? The continued TRIVIALIZATION of this gesture. Yes the tsunami was bad - but it was a natural disaster. It affected our nation - HOW? Did those poor people in FL get such regard after the onslaught of 4 hurricanes last season? uh, wait.... I don't think so.

Up next: the new rule that when any American citizen dies, we are allowed to fly the flag at half mast. There, that should make everyone feel better :) and keep us bunch of lazy fucks from EVER having to raise the flag full staff ever again :)

PS, this is an old rant of mine, summed up much better right here (as far as legal techicalities etc are cited):
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1/2 mast for that? hrmm.... people died cause of nature, its not really a "national" issue dealing with "national" issues or patriotism... that IS wierd.

- undave
I ranted about this at work myself. My boss is still giving me crap about it but I am sticking to my guns. I think it's bullshit too.
We may as well keep that fucker at half-mast for the duration of the Bush administration and the war in Iraq.