Dave (spiritbine) wrote in therant,

College.... a rant on the slacker college student....

I dont know about some of the older folks here, but when did going to school and taking 12-15 credit hours become all that someone does? That sounds sorta like a vacation to me if that was all that that was going on in my life.

When I was in school I worked 30-35 hrs for all 5 yrs I was in college, and took at least 12 credit hours each semester, I paid for all my rent and utilities, and anything else that I needed to do, yet I see all kinds of college students whining about "how much studying" they have to do when ALL they are doing is going to school? I mean that is ALL they are doing, just going to school and studying!! I find it ODD that their classmates can work bunches of hours and still get their papers done and get good grades on their tests, yet somehow these people bitch and moan on how much studying they have to do etc... shit.. if I had had an extra 40 HOURS EVERY SINGLE WEEK to to do whatever, I'd be DAMN sure to get fucking STRAIGHT A's and not complain one damn bit... but I digress...

That is ok, this same group of slackers has a 'cement boot to the face' waiting for them once they graduate and get a job and are forced to learn what REAL work is all about.... slackers....

/rant_mode -off

- undave
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