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(warning: not spell checked or proof read..)

Went to the Van's Warped Tour sunday.. it was very cool.. I liked it.. good music.. good company.. I actually managed to drink 3 whole beers... it was good times..
and there were _many_ people at the the Warped Tour that this doesn't even remotely apply to.. don't get me wrong here..

But here's a little special something for you..

Punk _IS_ dead

.. sorry ladies.. it is..
not the musical style mind you.. just seems the punk lifestyle took a turn for the deadzone..

As proof: Can anyone explain to me this?

I'm failing to see how 'get the hookup', 'register now!', and 'punk up your phone' are punk attitiudes?

This stuff seems aimed at teenie-bopping middle-schoolers with cell phones, that are taking a break from listen to britney spears and rediditions of 'Genie in a bottle'?

What happened to fuck the system, don't comform, down with corporate amerikkka, and be your own person?

I guess I'm still trapped in the 80s where you would _never_ see a scrappy looking individual with liberty spikes 'signing up for text alerts' on his / her cell phone... it would just be unheard of (and not just because they didn't have 'text alert' cell phones then)..

so.. goth-punk & hot topic..
Ok.. like everyone else that's cool.. I have a problem with hot topic.. appearently it's kinda fad to have a problem with it now.. (I'll relate these in a bit)

The sad thing is there is actually one thing I want that they sell at Hot Topic.. Bone Daddy colonge.. it's actually a odor I can tolerate (which is actually kinda rare with perfumes).. but I've gone 28 years (almost) without it.. I'll tolerate another 28 or so..

On one hand.. cool that it's now kinda convientent to get stuff that you want.. it's nice that you can find wacky things like spooky accessories outside of October.

on the other hand.. back in the day, you could take pride that you had certain clothing.. it either meant you spent HOURS or DAYS rummaging through yard sales, thrift stores, goodwills..etc.. OR it meant that you were creative enough to make it yourself.. or possiblly that you waited until helloweenie to buy that thing you needed...

Now you can just go buy your style off a rack... and not just any rack like a small boutique off university that specializes..
No.. you can goto the MALL.. that bastion of consumerism.. that point of conformity that punks and goth-punk swore they would stave off with thier very lives..

A couple months ago I was wearing my 'Bone Daddy' (as in nightmare before xmas) shirt.. and some kid in publix stopped me and was like 'nice shirt.. hot topic right?'.. I almost punched him.. (ok.. not really).. I was like 'uhh.. no thankyouverymuch.. online'..
( I pride myself on my tshirt collection.... I felt alittle cheapened )

Point being.. there isn't one.. this is a rant.. on a rant community..

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Yeah, punk is dead, and one of the reasons for that is that there is different punk music nor is our society maintain the ability to capture the old style of punk. Yeah, society has picked up on something that technically died years ago and has now made it popular, but I think as with the origins of gothic music aka the "progressive" movement, that many of the 'punk' ideas are likely alive and around, it just doesnt have a name, nor is it really at all the same.

A good article
< http://www.theedgeunderground.net/articles/punk.html >

The youth of today are not 'punk' in the traditional sense, anymore than people who are into heavy metal are "metal heads", it was as much a state of the world and society and technology as it was a state of mind, and since only some of the the state of mind exists and perhaps in some part the music, it will never be the same.

- undave

Yeah.. this is just me getting old and saying 'you darned kids'...

Deleted comment

[The main movie was "Robot Monster"]
That movie pwns.. (I have it on DVD.. although it's only in 2D.. :/ )


but yeah.. I dunno.. I'd make the same mistake..
I think i'm just starting to classify everyone like that as just an 'alt-kid'... I mean.. they coulda been Emo for all we know..

Yeah.. the fest in Jax had a decent amount of crusties too...

although it wasn't punk.. i was legitmatelly impressed when someone reconized my S.o.D. shirt.. the one that says 'kill yourself' on the back..
(oh.. did I mention that the suicide hotline was a benefitiary of this event.. and that Truth sponsered it.. although the truth people were kinda fun.. even if they are nazis..
I believe I posted somthing along these lines a while back.
Hehe.. yeah.. and I posted a similar comment.. :]
I was a 'gutter-punk' for years. Still have not learned to dress myself for corp-america to be honest. I don't think Punk is Dead, I just think it changed. Don't get me wrong most of these kids are not punks at all, they are just trying to fit in otherwise they would not worry so much about there title and they way they look. "Punk isn't about your haircut"

Anyway, the cell phone thing gets me a little but it makes me think of what happened to a huge number of the punks and skins that I grew up with. We are all kids of the cyber age we grew while it was growing up. So yeah, Cell phone, PDA, high end PC and the like for me cause rebeling in public doesn't get you anywhere anymore (Although living in the Richmond VA does mean I like the looks i get with Green hair and a face full of metal)
Yeah.. people evolve.. yesteryears hippies are by-and-large todays yuppies..

I guess I'm just venting on the easy target that is the MTV youth culture of today..

shit i still buy all my clothes from yard sales and good-will as well as loads of different thrift stores, fuck paying outrages prices for items at the mall it love the thrill of finding vintage/kool and original things in the oddest places.
"what happened to fuck the system?"

I'll tell you what happened...the %@*#*$! anarchists have united; and become capilast schweinhund.

I still have fun wearing shit I make...and Fuck the little bastards that say "hot topic?" because thay don't sell carefully destroyed clothing...and when it's the only one like it--they know...then the fun part of being OLDER plays in. The eyes widen a little...they ask what it was like 'back in the day'...and you can simply smile and tell them true style does not come from the mall...
What's the best way to destroy individualist, counter-culture "trouble makers"?

Easy, grab a couple of bigwigs with cash who want MORE cash and get them to market cheap copies of the things said counter-culture uses as icons. Then, when all is said and done, the real thing gets drowned out in a horde of squealing, soppy preteens who want to look rebellious and but lack the actual testicular fortitude to really be different.

The saddest thing is the vast majority just end up proving their abysmal worthlessness and reliance on corporate greed, I mean who's credit card do you think they used to buy that snarky T-Shirt?

It's quite ingeniously simple, really.

I think the only solution is that we need to start giving the tailors amongst us some cash to make some decent custom outfits that you can't buy on a rickety Hot Topic rack.