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Holy Frick

Holy Frick

I found a place in Tampa run by some Main exports that do a lobster dinners like I'm used to. They advertise as "moderately" priced.

So I call up and ask the price for a 3lb lobster (tiny little bugger) and I can't believe this the guy tells me that it's $15 per pound! $15 PER FREAKING POUND PEOPLE! That's insane! I can't get my brain around this. These are lobsters, they are basically big over grown aquatic roaches. At home you get a 3 lb for $15 stoopid air plane riding lobsters! I haven't had one in MONTHS! Now I know to most people this is whiny when alot of my friends have never had real lobster before. And no FL lobsters are not real lobsters. They are mutant freaks who scare me and small children all over the state. I don't care what people say those things aren't edible they are scary. They don't even have claws! Claws are the best part 'cause they're tasty and you can make whistles out of them they're really nifty.

And what's worse is the guy who answered the phone was totally ok with telling me that for two 3lb lobster dinners I would have to give him $90! WTF!!!!! That's freaking insane you have NO IDEA what that mark up is. Stoopid crappy people ripping people off who only want to eat normal food that reminds them of home at a super bad time of year.

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